The Clogwyn Committee

The committee is elected annually at the AGM which is normally in February. Their job is to manage the running of the club.

Chair: Doug Hobbs

I joined the CMC in late 2011, and have held a passion for everything outdoors all my life. For many years caving was my goto sport though over the years the mountains called me! As well as being a caver still, I'm also part of Mountain Rescue, I often get stuck in with fell running, mountain biking, scrambling, walking, rock climbing and my favourite winter mountaineering, I do love the snow and ice. Clogwyn MC fit the bill for me from the start and 10 + years later I now hold the positiion of chair, something I never thought I'd see myself doing but a role I feel proud to hold.

Secretary: Ed Hallam

A long time hillwalker with a deep love of all aspects of the British countryside and a terrible ability to add ever more projects to my to do list - least amongst which is a lifetime project to walk the entire UK coast. Having dabbled with indoor bouldering for a time, I truly came to climbing after the Lockdowns, and ever since my first time outdoors it's been a way of life.

Treasurer: Alan Buxton

I am a founder member of the CMC. I have enjoyed being the Hut Custodian since the mid '80's and am now the Treasurer. Having been cycling, caving and climbing in my early life, I have now settled down to enjoying all aspects of walking in many areas. I have enjoyed my outdoor life and the atmosphere of the CMC and hope to continue doing so for some time yet.

Hut Booking Secretary: Stephen Jones

I've been a lowland walker since the 1960s, and I'm the last 15 years have taken to mountain walking and become an ML. It was as part of my preparation for the award that I became involved in Clogwyn, and found a very open and welcoming community willing to share their mountaineering skills, and to induct the novice climber or walker into the skills of the sport. I particularly loved discovering the hut, and subsequently became the Hut Booking Secretary.

Membership Secretary: Rachel Humphries

CMC practically runs through my veins, being the offspring of 2 life-long members. I grew up with the Hut being my second home, and as much as I'm sure I moaned about being taken on walks as a child it obviously made a lasting impression because I'm doing it of my own accord now, and for fun! When not out enjoying a walk in the countryside I can usually be found making an exhibition of myself on stage with my am dram group, or relaxing with a good book in front of the fire (just like I do at the Hut really!)

Hut Care Coodinator: Ian Humphries

I've been a member of the CMC for many years, and thoroughly enjoy being out and about in the great outdoors (but with my feet firmly planted on Terre Firma, I'm afraid). Exploring the countryside, be it the hills of the Peak District, the mountains in Snowdonia, or just the paths around my local patch, is a great pastime and gives me the opportunity to pursue my keen interest in photography and birds (of the feathered variety!).

Comittee member: Jay Lawrence

It was the film 'Touching the void' that first piqued my interest in climbing. As I watched Joe Simpson near-fatal descent on the West Face of Siula Grande, as he breaks his leg I thought to myself 'Jeez, that sure does look like fun!' I joined the CMC in 2019, the only club which just wanted to get me out climbing without having some unnecessary joining policy. I like to think I sit on the committee representing the 'beginner climber' which is the easiest job imaginable! The great thing about the CMC is you are surrounded by climbers of varying abilities and experience, but everyone shares a passion for adventure and isn't prepared to leave anyone behind!

Comittee member: Mini Johal

Having returned back to my home town years ago, I found myself doing a lot of outdoor activities on my own. Then I sneakily tagged along with my friend to Alter rock and discovered Clogwyn and their good homely people. I was welcomed with loving warm arms and have made some good friends on the long walks and climbs.

Comittee member: Chris Jones

Climbing started for me in the late sixties when climbing walls were virtually unknown, trad protection and outdoor clothing from synthetic fabrics were just being developed. Observing the development of the hobby with its ethics, politics, technical issues, & fashions has provided a fascinating backdrop for my own involvement. I joined Clogwyn in the eighties but was too focussed on climbing limestone to see all the wider pleasures till later, serving as Secretary then Chairman for over a decade. Now I climb less outside, instruct part-time & help with recruitment and training for Clogwyn: still a great little club.